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*1. Do you know Adsorption Heat Pump chiller can produce chilled water (10-15 degree C, 50-59 degree F) from hot water (65 degree C , 149 degree F) without using electrictiy?
*2. In the thermal driven chiller, there are 2 types - Absorption and Adsorption heat pump chiller. Do you know Adsorption Heat Pump (AdHP) chiller?
*3. AdHP chiller adsorbes/desorbes water in vacuum pressure vessel to produce chilled water, which can reduce maintenance to almost zero for 10 years. On the other hand, AbHP chiller uses Lithium Bromide/Ammonia, which requires annual maintenance to prevent corrosion. Do you know this maintenance fact?
*4. Do you currently (or in the future) have waste heat, solar/geothermal/biomass hot water or CHP (Combined Heat and Power - co-generation system)?
*5. If your #4 answer is yes, by utilizing AdHP chiller, there is a way to produce chilled water from hot water effectively and reduce the HVAC (peak) load during the year. Are you interested in this energy saving method?
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